My Menu has several options to customize how and what gets displayed on the fixed menu. All of the available parameters are listed below.

Parameters - Basic Option

Start by selecting which Joomla! menu should be displayed in My Menu. You can use an existing menu or create a new one for use on My Menu.

Choose whether or not to include jQuery. It is not required and can be turned off or you can turn it off if your site is already loading jQuery.

Using jQuery, you can postion My Menu so that it doesn't cover up anything at the top or footer of your site.

Parameters - Jquery Positioning


Parameters - Menu Options

Similar to other Joomla! menus, you can control how many levels to display or to turn them off altogether.

Use the bulit-in uploader to upload templates to change the look of My Menu.

Parameters - Uploader


Parameters - Social Media

You have the option to load social media icons with links to your social sites. There are several icon sets available for you to use. Alternatively, you can display social media buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ so that visitors can easily, Tweet, Like, or +1 your site.


Create a menu item out of a module. It is even possible to put certain modules on the bar itself.

Parameters - Modules




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